Welcome to Cocoa & Crumbs! Here you’ll find my life in moments of sweetness: pies baked after apple picking dates, fudge bars for my favorite teachers back home, birthday cakes for my loved ones, and so, so much more. (I don’t eat everything on here all by myself, I swear!)

Baking has been my escape for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my childhood was filled with the scents of freshly baked goods. I still recall the excitement when I would come home from school to my mom baking brownies. She added a ton of chocolate chunks, and cut the whole pan into 9 large pieces. They were always gone by the end of the night. As I grew older, I began realizing that baking was so much more than sweet smells and sugary treats. It wasn’t about the act of eating dessert, but more about the moments and memories behind it. How it is made, who it is made with. What the occasion is, and who the occasion is celebrated with. The laughs shared over a slice of birthday cake, and who those laughs are shared with. These are the moments that make dessert so sweet. I hope this blog, and these recipes, inspire you to create a life of sweet memories, too.

More About Me

My name is McKayla Dietzen, and I am from Green Bay, WI. The past few years have led me around the country more than I ever imagined. After graduating from high school, I packed up my bags and moved to New York. I attended The Culinary Institute of America, one of the world’s best culinary schools, nestled in the beautiful Hudson River Valley. My two years at school were indescribable. I met the most amazing friends (and boyfriend!), grew in ways I never thought possible, and, of course, learned how to bake beyond my wildest dreams. Halfway through my training at CIA I had the opportunity to work at Sea Island Resort in Georgia. So, in April of 2017, I packed up my bags again and moved to the beautiful island of St. Simons. Although I worked in a bakery for three years during high school, this was my first job working in a high production pastry kitchen, as well as on the line in a restaurant (the only 5 star restaurant in the entire state, too!). I worked with the most amazing and inspiring pastry team, and it was in Georgia where I realized my true potential, and how much I had grown, but also still had to grow. When summer ended, I headed back to New York for my last year of school, and I graduated with a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts in April of 2018. I am currently living in Chicago, working my dream job in the pastry kitchen at a luxury hotel downtown. I still feel the need to bake in the evenings and on my weekends, and along came the Cocoa & Crumbs blog. Bake away, my friends!